How we work

How Our Website Works



Freelancer Profile

The Freelancer’s profile card will include a photo of the Freelancer, their hourly rate, employment history, education history,  training and skills related to their work as a support worker. Freelancers must upload a photo on their profile.

Employers will have immediate and direct access to the profiles of every support worker on this site. Employers will not be able to see the freelancer’s contact details but will be able to contact the freelancer after posting a shift via the messaging forum on this website.



Anybody can register to be a Freelancer on this website. However, to be a verified user (Green badge) Freelancers must request a DBS check (button located on your profile registration form). The Freelancer will then be contacted by a member of our verification team. Freelancers must then provide two forms of ID before their profile can be verified. Employers can employ unverified users should they choose to do so.

Employers will be able to see which Freelancer has met all these criteria by checking the freelancer’s profile.


Posting a Shifts or Contracts

Employers can also post shifts or stipulate how long they will like to contract the Freelancer for.  Employers can only award each project to one freelancer at a time.  If an employer requires more than one Freelancer then another project must be submitted.


Hourly Rate and Bidding

Freelancers on our website are self-employed and therefore set their own hourly rate. This rate can, however, be negotiated with the Freelancer through the bidding process.



Our instant Email notification of projects to freelancers is based on the freelancer’s location and not experience or exact category match. Once an employer posts a project, every freelance support worker within their chosen location are immediately notified.


Invite to Bid:

An added benefit of to finding bank support workers through Freelance Support Workers is that employers can also invite freelancers to bid. This means you can re-hire a freelancer that you have worked with before.


Getting Paid

Employers make direct payments to the Freelancer as a self-employed worker. Freelance Support Workers is not an employment agency and neither are we privy to any contractual agreements. It is the responsibility of both parties (Employer and Freelancer) to ensure that all contractual obligations and payments are fully met.

Employers must and freelancers must come to an agreement about how payments will be made.

Freelance Support Workers has created a Time Sheet and Invoice Template for the freelancers to use if they so wish to do. This document can be downloaded here.